Monday, June 28, 2010

Your Happy Place

I attended an Abraham-Hicks workshop last Saturday that was truly amazing. It left me uplifted and energized. Esther Hicks channels an entity known as Abraham the entire duration of the workshop. They mostly have brought forth teachings and books on the Law of Attraction. Throughout the workshop they referred to something called "the vortex" which I simplify as being “your happy place.”

Go To Your Happy Place Often

It is a necessity to go to your happy place as often as you can. The thought is that when you’re in your happy place, you will be vibrating at a higher energy level. This in turn will bring to you more positive and joyous experiences.

Try to remember at all times that we are energy beings and what we send out, is exactly what we receive. Sure things happen in life that pull you away from feeling good, but as long as you’ve made that commitment to yourself to feel good, then you will go back to your happy place sooner rather than later.

Create Your Experiences

My five year old son constantly says to me, “He made me do it!” and my response always is, “No one can make you do anything, it is always your choice as to how your react to something.” I want him to grow up feeling empowered with the knowledge that he is the creator of all his circumstances.

We are creators of everything and victims of nothing. We can choose to get our feelings hurt if someone speaks to us rudely or we can choose to say, “Too bad for them that they feel the need to talk to someone this way, however I am not leaving my happy place because of that interaction.” It really doesn’t matter what the circumstance may be, we always have the choice of how to deal with it and to remain in our happy place.

Take a step back

Esther Hicks brought forth a concept that I hadn’t considered before. She said that when we manifest we need to be in that happy place or vortex as she refers to it. How can you solve a problem when you’re in the midst of it? It’s the idea of taking a step back and looking into the situation with an open mind. We always come up with a better solution when we “sleep on it” anyway. I find that if I ever make a decision in the heat of the moment, I will most likely regret it later.

It’s nice to think that we have all the time in the world and there’s really no rush on anything. How true is that? We have all of eternity to get our stuff done so we might as well take our time and enjoy the ride.

Stop and smell the roses!

Speaking of enjoying the ride, why not take our time figuring out what we’d really like to have and enjoy the process of getting there? I found myself getting a little uptight these past couple of weeks. It turns out that I truly need to just sit outside in my garden and do nothing every morning otherwise I don’t feel whole. I was so busy with my schedule and that of the kids’, that I didn’t have time to just be, and that was making life feel out of control.

Take the time to meditate, appreciate all the blessings in your life, compliment someone, admire works of art, be in nature, pet your dog, hang out with friends, and the list goes on of ideas on how to stay in your happy place.

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I love being in my happy place!


  1. Hi Mary
    let me start by saying how much i enjoy your blogs! When people ask me how come i'm always smiling my response is happiness is a choice! you need to make a conscious choice to be happy and look and appreciate everything that is right in your life rather than focus on the few trivial things that are going wrong! you always have a choice :
    1.if it's something under your control than deal with it& fix it and stop wining about it.
    2. if it's not under your control, let it go! wining is not going to fix it!
    3. do not stress before the events happen! people always want to stress about the million permutation of what could happen!! why!! such wasted energy!
    i go to my happy place often and thank God that i can!
    love to all! Suzie Bader

  2. Suzie,
    Thanks for reading my blogs! I'm glad you enjoy them.
    I love the three points you mentioned and I totally agree with you. It's definitely a choice in how you take on anything in life. So why not choose, happiness at all times!
    Love to you guys,