Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is heaven?

I was contemplating the idea of heaven while driving yesterday. We always think of or imagine heaven to be way up high in the sky. I thought "what if it was right here instead?" What if it wasn't way up there but rather it was right on top of me. I thought what if Earth and Heaven are superimposed and we get to "bump" into heaven every once in a while when we receive a message or catch a glimpse of something from the afterlife.

It would be comforting for me to know that it was right here and I didn't have to do much or "travel" much to reach heaven. I read a book one time explaining that when you die you actually recreate the environment from which you came to make that transition easier. Wouldn't that imply that you're not really going anywhere far?

Then I took it one step further. What if heaven and hell were our own creations? What if heaven is when you were happy and content while hell is being unhappy and miserable? What would you need to do about it then to make sure that you were living a heavenly state while alive? Do you really need to die to achieve bliss?

While in Maui, Wayne Dyer discussed the idea of a quantum moment. A quantum moment is that moment when something major happens in your life and serves to really shift your awareness. After that quantum moment you truly are never the same. This quantum moment carries an energy with it that propels you upward. He talks about there being “falls” in your life and to look for the upward propelling energy after the fall.

A woman in the Wayne Dyer seminar shared her quantum moment. She had been bulimic for 22 years and she realized in one of her states of frenzy that her thoughts were causing her chaotic state. She also recognized that her thoughts had no weight in them other than what she gave them. She realized what Louise Hay says all the time "it's just a thought and a thought can be changed at any time". Since that quantum moment this woman has become healthier than she’s ever been.

I love the idea of a thought being nothing more than what you’d like it to be. To remember that you are the creator of your life and destiny rather than a victim of circumstance is fantastic.

I was having a girl’s night in with a few of my friends last night when one of the ladies asked another “do you see the blessing in that or are you not there yet?” I love that question! Sometimes we have quantum moments that take us a while to realize their value. When we do recognize their effect on our life that shift upwards will happen and in my opinion we are one step closer to heaven.

So if heaven is right here and I can access it at any time then where are my loved ones who have passed away? I feel that they are right here all the time; their existence is superimposed on ours. If you read “Conversations with God” it’ll explain to you that time is not linear. The only thing that exists is now so every life we live is lived simultaneously.

So if our loved ones are right here going about their business and daily life can I talk to them more and receive more messages from them? I say absolutely! I remember one time my brothers were coming to town for my oldest son’s baptism. While I was cleaning the house the song “Butterfly Kisses” started playing on the radio. This is a song that always reminds me of my dad. Was it a coincidence or was he telling me that he was there ready to share in the celebrations of the next few days? I believe he was right there enjoying his family being together.

I feel that we are one step closer to Heaven as the veil between the spirit world and ours gets thinner and thinner. Heaven on Earth can be achieved so why not live it!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

'Tis the season to be ...

Have you ever thought what this season invokes in you? Is it the season to be jolly? Grateful? Hopeful? Sad? Emotional? Angry?

I remember the first Christmas after my dad passed away I spent the entire night looking out the window. There wasn't a festive bone in body that evening. I don't think we even put up a Christmas tree after that for a long time. That was certainly a time of sadness and plenty of emotion.

I met my husband 12 years ago. My husband is a very positive, upbeat person. We were sitting around one day around Christmas when he decides that we were going to get a tree and decorate it together. Neither one of us owned any ornaments so we went on this adventure. We bought beautiful ornaments and coordinated the colors of deep red and gold. I had my first taste of eggnog ever which didn't go over so well. We made cookies and had hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream in it. I was on a step stool putting up some ornaments and my husband was kneeling to plug the lights in; that was the moment I looked down and realized that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It was a moment of knowing - there was no question in my mind. We had known each other 6 months. It truly was a magical night.

The most incredible thing about that first Christmas with my husband was it was the turning point for me. It was when I started replacing feelings of joy, gratitude and hope for those of sadness and hurt.

Prior to that, I would feel sad for all the people in the world that were not as fortunate as the rest of us. I didn’t know how to set those boundaries and not take on their story. Now, I still have that same empathy but I do something about it to my comfort level. For example, last year my friends and I adopted a family in need for the holidays. We bought the mom and her 2 kids some things off their wish list. This year, I’m sending money to a family whose house burned down and the husband lost his job over the summer. My mom would always say to me “do what you feel you can do and leave the rest to God”. I love that! Her point is have faith that all will work out. Isn’t that what life is all about? Having faith in God and believing that it will all work out for your best.

While I was in Maui, I shared my story of Isabella’s loss with the crowd of 450 people. I was telling Ram Dass that he had inspired me with his words. I was saying that part of the reason I was there was to find my center again after having had 3 miscarriages in a row the last of which was a 20 week baby girl.

When we went on break a few people came up to me to express how sorry they were for what I had been through and most offered me their stories of how they had a few miscarriages and then went on to have kids. It was only after the second or third person talked to me that I realized people assumed I didn’t have any kids. That evening I told my friend that I wished I had mentioned that I had kids so that people wouldn’t feel that bad for me. I had changed my mind about that by the next morning. It’s not my fault that some people took on my story so harshly. I had heard some pretty bad stories as well but I didn’t take them on as my own.

Life is up, down and everything in between. I can’t feel bad when it’s my turn and when it’s someone else’s turn as well. I’d never be happy. You can feel empathy for someone but not take their story on. The other night, I wrote in my gratitude journal that I was grateful for Isabella and the incredible experience she gave me. I have slowed down tremendously; I am able to enjoy and savor the moments of my life since Isabella. Life is meant to be experiences that you gain from. This is definitely an experience I gained from. I would have rather had her for sure but as my husband loves to say “it is what it is”. There’s no use fussing over what could have been rather than enjoying what is.

If this season invokes in you feeling of sadness or loss I would suggest you look at those feelings to understand why. When you look at something and take the time to understand it then you can shift those feelings. As the teachings of Abraham say “it doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can always get to where you want to be”.

Personally, I love the gift shopping, I love wrapping the gifts, I love the parties, I love the holiday movies, I love the smiles on my boys’ faces … I could go on and on! I love it all. I wish for you the same enthusiasm for this season.

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Off to buy more gifts,

Monday, December 7, 2009

What is the Universe really trying to tell you?

We get signs from the Universe all the time; we see images of things in our mind’s eye, we have dreams, we listen to songs that resonate with us, we watch movies that trigger something in us … etc. It’s truly endless when the Universe wants to get our attention.

The question is “what is the Universe really trying to tell you?”

I am reading another book by Neville called "Your Faith is your Fortune". It really is a great read although I must admit I have to read every paragraph at least 3 times to even begin to understand it and I get something different every time.

I read the following paragraph this morning:

"Man can decree a thing and it will come to pass. Man has always decreed that which has appeared in his world. He is today decreeing that which is appearing in his world and shall continue to do so as long as man is conscious of being man.

Nothing has ever appeared in man's world but what man decreed that it should. This you may deny; but try as you will you cannot disprove it for this decreeing is based upon a changeless principle. Man does not command things to appear by his words which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness".

I found those last 2 lines to be fascinating; 1) That rarely are we truly manifesting that which we talk about rather our words are a confession of our fears and doubts and 2) that we always are manifesting from that subconscious level or really that level of what we truly feel whether we admit that to ourselves or not.

I've discussed this concept before that we are energy beings and the Universe responds to that vibration we are sending out on a subconscious level. I have said make sure you are aligned with that which you would like to manifest so that it does become a reality.

Today I would like to introduce another concept to you. What if the signs from the Universe are also a mirror of your subconscious thoughts? They are showing you what you really are thinking about and not what is going to happen in your future. I tell everyone who comes to me for a reading that I am doing a reading based on where their energy is today and if they don't like what they hear then it's a matter of changing their thoughts which in turn will change the outcome.

I’ll bring it home for you. When I was pregnant or thinking about having that 3rd child I got signs everywhere. My teacher used to always say to me “just because you’re getting the feeling to have a 3rd child doesn’t mean you should. What is it that you’d like to do?” I never answered that question because I didn’t feel that I had a choice of having a 3rd child or not. I felt that if I was getting messages to do it then I should. If I were to look back at the time I was scared out of my mind to have a 3rd child for many reasons. So obviously subconsciously I was sending out the vibe of “I want a 3rd child” but I wasn’t aligned with that vibe yet.

Now all I see is fit people. Is that where I’m headed? I sure hope so. My energy and focus have shifted from having a 3rd child to getting fit and healthy. I say if this child is meant to be then he or she will find their way back to our family but in the meantime I’m focused on shedding those extra pounds and feeling good about me.

The Universe is an ever evolving, dynamic entity. It is not stagnant by any stretch. The Universe does not show us "musts" rather I believe it shows us "maybes".

So when you get those signs from the Universe do you like what you see and is that what you really want? That’s really what I want you to think about after reading this post.

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Thinking thin and healthy!


Friday, December 4, 2009

How often do you meditate?

The answer should be daily. A daily meditation routine is a must for your sense of well-being and balance. There hasn't been a class or a reading that I can remember where I didn't suggest that everyone mediate daily for at least 15 minutes. The benefits of meditation are tremendous on every level; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Meditation will lower your blood pressure as well as allow you to feel the connection to God among many other benefits.

The point of a meditation is to go within and connect to your higher self. Questions such as "who am I?", "what do I love to do?", "who would I be if I could be anything I wanted?" and more get answered when you start meditating and going within. I'm sure you've heard the expression "if prayer is asking then meditation is listening for the answer". It is a must for everyone to be in silence for a while every day. It is a must to calm the chatter and the noise from the outside world therefore allowing you to connect to the divine being you are.

The biggest question I get is how to meditate? I would say that the key would be to find a time every day when you can commit to your practice as a start. This could be first thing in the morning or right before bed or at your lunch hour ... it really doesn't matter. I like meditating every day at the same time because then it becomes a routine.

You may start with a walking meditation which is how I started. I would go for a walk and listen to instrumental type of music. A few weeks later, I turned the music off and listened to the sounds of nature around me. A few weeks later, I took my practice inside where I was able to sit still and just be for a while. You can use any housework or monotonous activity as a meditation; washing the dishes or folding laundry can become fabulous meditations if you don't talk on the phone or combine another activity with them. Meditating in the shower is another idea. Sometimes, I imagine the water coming down as a waterfall going through all my chakras cleansing and balancing each of them to return them to their healthy state.

Some prefer doing guided meditations which can be bought on the internet or any metaphysical book store. Go with the one that resonates with you. Some prefer to meditate to chants. I love coloring mandalas as a meditation – that is actually one of my favorites. You may also light a candle and stare at the flame for a while. You may journal which allows you to put your thoughts on paper which will give you further insight to your feelings. There are endless ideas for meditating.

"Be still and know that I am God". I love that phrase! For you to know God you must be still. If you were to take that one step further you would say that God is within you and that you are God yourself. Silence, being in the moment and being still are all essentials in your life. Being present is the greatest gift you can gift to yourself. Don’t worry about the past or the future just “be” in this moment. If you are waiting somewhere use that as an opportunity to meditate rather than getting frustrated with how long you’ve been waiting.

A huge question I get from people is “how do I stop the thoughts from bombarding me?” I say thoughts are normal; it’s what we do. I suggest acknowledging the thought and the putting it in a bubble allowing it to float away. If you engage in a mental struggle with your thoughts then you’ve defeated the purpose of meditating. Acknowledge the thought and then send it on its way.

Meditating will take the anxiety out of your everyday and bring in the calm that is necessary for maintaining joy.

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With calm,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just what I needed ...

I got a fantastic note from one of my friends today. She said that she's hooked to this blog, she's been reading it for weeks and that she's inspired by what she reads. I have to say that is exactly why I'm writing today. Sometimes things happen in your life to offer you that little push you need. I needed that little push today; that extra umph to get me on the computer again.

Don't get me wrong this is my passion; anything and everything spiritual. I love doing the readings, I love teaching the classes and I love writing this blog. I just needed to be reminded that my passion for this work was shining through these posts and someone was benefitting from it. You just never know how someone gets inspired.

The question for you is "are you where you want to be in life?" "Are you pursuing your passion and living every day with that complete umph?" When you are doing something that you love it's super easy to get back on track with it. I wrote a post called "Dharma" a few weeks ago and I'm asking the question again "what is your dharma?" "Which passion did you come to earth to fulfill?" We all have it; that burning desire within us to fulfill our dreams and make them the reality of our lives.

I read a fabulous book by Neville called “The Power of Awareness” He basically discusses the Law of Attraction in this book. He talks about figuring out what it is you desire and “assume the feeling of the wish already fulfilled”. He says to take the 5 minutes before drifting off to sleep to consciously dream about what it is you’d like to manifest. See yourself already having achieved it. We’ve all heard this idea before about the Law of Attraction. What was interesting about this book for me is that he gave examples of people who spent 2 years doing this until they achieved that which they desired. It just seems like so many of us give up on our manifestation just before it shows up.

If you are not in the ideal situation right now that doesn’t really mean much. You can still get to where you would like to be by bringing that dream into your consciousness. You need to know what it is you’d like to manifest for the Universe to work with you. Someone asked me today about my business and if I’m keeping busy. I answered that I’m always as busy as I can handle. It seems like the Universe is in total collaboration with how much I can take on. Last year, I hosted an internet talk show called “the Psychic CafĂ©”. The show aired on the 7th Wave Network for 14 weeks. The couple of months before and during the show it seemed like I barely did any readings at all. I only realized that about 3 months later which is when I smiled and thought well I couldn’t handle doing a reading right now anyway. As soon as the show was over I was booking readings like crazy again. I’ve constantly said that we are energy beings and we attract that which is a vibrational match to us at the moment. The key is to align ourselves with that which we want to attract.

My friend gave me the push today that I was asking the Universe to deliver to me. I was asking for inspiration and I got it. Now to do something about it … for starters I am going to post the entire class schedule for 2010 on my website at if you’d like to take a look at what’s coming up. You do not need to be in Denver to take these classes; information on how to attend remotely is found on the website.

So what inspires you? The Universe is constantly delivering signs and messages to you. When you hear them do you do something about it?

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With inspiration!