Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Truth Will Set You Free!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Oprah! I’ve been taping her Lifeclass series and watching it with Mia during the day. I feel it’s good for my daughter to be exposed to awesome messages even at two months old.

What is my truth?

The lesson the other day was about speaking your truth. Oprah showed snippets of a show she did with Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen announced that she was gay back in 1997. Oprah’s point was that when Ellen spoke her truth and revealed her true identity, she was able to reach her potential without anything dragging her down.

I started thinking about what is my truth and what was I hiding. At that moment, I realized that my truth was that I was intuitive and that was truly my life path. Whether I wasn’t going to admit it or not, really didn’t matter as to who I really am.

I’ve always known and felt things

I remember being a kid and looking behind me constantly because I felt someone was following me. I knew when my Grandmother died.

I felt my dad’s presence the morning I took government exams in Lebanon. This is actually a cool story. Before being accepted into college in Lebanon you have to pass government exams. That morning, I was going to take my math test. I woke up really early and my mom gave me a cup of coffee in my dad’s mug. She didn’t realize that it was his mug but it took me aback a little. It was only a couple of years after he had passed and the grief was still very raw. I thought to myself though that I was going to drink out of his mug and have that be my good luck charm. When I got in my car, I kept looking over at the passenger seat because I swear I thought he was going to materialize at any moment. I felt his presence all the way until I picked up my friend. I ended up getting the second highest possible score in all of Lebanon on that math exam.

Being the best person you could be

The other inspiring thing I heard on the Oprah show was how her best friend described her. She said, “The greatest thing about Oprah is as she’s pulling herself up with one arm, she’s pulling someone else up with her other arm.” That is probably the greatest compliment a friend can give to another.

I thought about the concept of paying it forward. How awesome is it to do good deeds and not worry about getting anything back. Just do what you want to do without keeping score, drawing boundaries and worrying about it. I’ve always struggled with setting boundaries and being able to say no. This is not the same thing though. This is about being the best person you can be without borders and rules.

I love Oprah!

Have I mentioned that I love Oprah! She is truly a gift to this generation and we are lucky to have her. She said that she was the same person on stage and off stage. I thought about that too and if I ever try to be someone I am not. I realized that was only the case when I tried to be “normal” and not intuitive. Then I thought, what’s normal anyway? We are all intuitive beings. We are all spiritual, it’s just whether we decide to tap into that or not.

Your thoughts … I’d love to hear them

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Loving this Lifeclass series!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Believe so that you can see...

I didn’t know Oprah had her own TV network! I truly feel that Oprah has enriched my life in a tremendous way. I never was a person who had to be home when her show was on just to watch it. However, I did watch it when it was convenient and I always learned so much from her.

Asking for guidance

I’ve been asking for some guidance from God lately. I feel extremely fulfilled that my family is complete. I do feel though that I have a purpose that is bigger and outside of the home. I felt that doing readings and classes was awesome and I’m wondering if that’s where my destiny lies or is it in something else. Any time I’m in a pondering state, I up my meditations and I start asking for signs to be shown to me.

I was on Facebook the other day when I saw something about Oprah having a new series called Lifeclass on her network. It immediately caught my eye and taped Wednesday night’s show. The show was essentially discussing The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically says if you believe it, then it will come. You have to believe above all.

Believing before seeing

It was intriguing to see Jim Carrey on there. She had a clip on there from a previous show where he had mentioned that he would sit in his car and imagine all these great things coming to him way before he was famous. He said that it made him feel better to imagine that all these producers and film makers were interested in him.

He also wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and gave himself three years to have that come true. He said that a few weeks before the three years was up, he was offered $10 million to make “Dumb and Dumber”.

A few weeks ago, a few of my wonderful girlfriends had a party for me to celebrate Mia’s arrival. It was really a great way to realize that the grief and worry are over, the journey is complete. Although it was a tremendously difficult journey, the end result is fantastic. It was truly a celebration. I bought each of them a gift to say thank you for a great night. The book I picked up for them was called “Believe”. The book emphasized that you have to believe in something before you can see it.

Mia was the result of my believing!

I really did that with Mia. Despite all the heartache, grief and anxiety, I believed there was one more baby out there and she was coming. I had a doctor tell me that it was crazy for me to consider having another child. I had a few readings that were all over the place.

It really didn’t matter what I heard or didn't hear, deep down, I knew. I knew that Mia was coming. I took a picture of my boys around Christmas 2009 and I could see the silhouette of another child between the boys. I never stopped believing despite anything I heard.

Getting back on track

Sometimes though that belief gets rattled and we have to get it back on track. I feel that way with my life purpose. I feel that when I was on more of a spiritual path, times were a lot tougher. I realize that I have linked the two.

I know that I have fear of stepping back into doing readings and classes, but at the same time, I feel drawn to that. I probably should start with accepting that the two paths didn’t have anything to do with one another. I was most likely going to have three pregnancy losses no matter where I was in my life and no matter what I was doing.

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It's obvious that the sign for me is to believe!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life is too short to fold underwear

I’ve started to do some household chores in the evening lately. That seems to be the time when I can get the most done. Kids are in bed and settled, house is quiet and I can just get to things much quicker. I was folding laundry the other night. I started to fold some underwear when I realized that life is too short for that activity.

Way too organized

For those of you who know me, you know how neat and organized I am. I like things orderly. It’s always a challenge for me when things get a little chaotic. Having a two-month old in the house along with two older kids lends itself to some chaos.

I learned with my oldest that I had to let things go; things couldn’t always be as perfect as I’d like them to be. Then when the boys started getting older, I had time to make everything look perfect again. Now, I’m having to readjust again.

Then the thought came to mind, is it really a big deal if I threw the underwear in the drawer rather than having them be stacked up nicely? I’ll answer that. No, it really is not a big deal at all. As a matter of fact, it’s a big ole “who cares!”

Is it clean?

As long as things are clean, then it’s all just ok. That’s my new line with Mia whenever she’s upset. I say to her, “Its ok, it’s just ok” in a melodic voice and she settles down. I decided to say that to myself when I need to let things go too.

There are so many things that we could use to let go of and just enjoy the moment instead. It took three kids for me to finally realize that. They don’t stay small forever so I might as well enjoy.

Being in the moment is key

Everything in time will come; the ability to work-out again or to have a glass of wine or to have a super neat house and so on. There’s always a time and a place for everything. Allowing things to be what they need to be in the moment is really the best remedy. Whether I stress about it or not, it really doesn’t matter, it’ll be what it needs to be.

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Mia is sleeping so I’m going to sleep too!