Monday, February 1, 2010

Trust your gut!

A woman called me to say that she's spent $800 with a psychic and still hasn't gotten the clarity and comfort she was seeking. Although I find that number to probably have been exaggerated, I do feel that she really was struggling. I told her that if she felt the reading wasn't resonating with her then she should have ended it. I'm not sure that she knew what I was talking about; I don't believe she felt that she had any control over the reading or its contents.

A reading is meant to offer clarity and guidance. It's never meant to be scary or burdensome. A psychic or intuitive reading is a collection of messages about your life right now. The psychic tunes into your energy and the messages received should serve to enhance your life or guide you in the right direction.

I find that I'm constantly talking to my clients about meditating daily and trusting their intuition. Our intuition is our gift from the heavens and once honed will enhance the quality of our life tenfold. If we were to check with our gut prior to doing anything then we would only engage in the activities that enrich our lives. When in any scenario rather than instantly responding take 30 seconds to center yourself and then answer. You'll be amazed as to how many times your answer is different than what your knee-jerk reaction may have been. I love to be in a place of acting rather than re-acting. Reacting is not centered at all leaving us second-guessing what we said or did.

There are various ways to receive messages from the Universe; we may know, see, hear or feel what's best for us in any situation. The act of knowing something is associated with our crown chakra, seeing with our third eye, hearing with our ear chakras and feeling with our heart chakra. Chakras are energy centers along the midline of our body. Being that we receive messages in our body it is a must take care of it with good food, plenty of water, a regular exercise routine and plenty of rest. I always suggest a weekly chakra meditation to cleanse, center and balance our energy centers as well. I love the phrase "your body is your temple" because it is so true. You have full control as to how you nourish your body.

The act of meditating daily will help to center and calm you so that you are able to take those few moments prior to reacting. Practice taking the time to think about something and seeing how it resonates with you prior to answering. Also, practice being in silence which will allow you to further understand who you are; for example try turning the radio off while driving or any media off while at home. When in silence you’ll realize that you’re more in tune with what experiences resonate with you when they come your way.

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  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?

  2. I didn't know about this website. Thanks for sharing, I'll take a look at it.