Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspired by Abraham

I love the teachings of Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. I have read so many of their books because I find that they are very empowering and uplifting. I also subscribe to their daily quote which you can do from their website at

The following was today’s quote:

"In order to help someone who's in a very different vibrational frequency, you've got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down—ever. We would not introduce more resistance in our vibration for any reason whatsoever, because disconnecting yourself from resources does not give them more to eat." – Abraham

I found this quote to be fantastic. How many times do we feel that we need to complain about something because our friends are? We feel that we need to make them feel like they’re not the only ones with this issue. I used to have a friend who loved to complain about her husband and in turn, I would find myself complaining about my husband although there was truly nothing to complain about. If our friend comes over complaining about work then we feel the need to chime in and rattle off why we hate what we do as well. If the kids are an issue guess what our kids become an issue too and so on.

We are not doing our friends any favors by lowering our vibration to match theirs just to empathize. What would serve them more would be to maintain our elevated vibration allowing them to pull up to ours. My friend says that she finds certain things to be an inspiration to her and she constantly thrives to get there. She never dwells on what’s not there instead she’s constantly talking about the potential of what’s coming. It’s an awesome approach to life which truly eliminates the need to complain.

We do a nightly prayer with our kids where we begin by thanking God and Jesus for all the great things that came to us that day. After a few months of this nightly ritual my oldest son has taken it on fully. Last night he was thankful for his delicious lunch at school, the dentist’s appointment where he got a toy and the slumber party he was having with his brother. My youngest who will be 5 next month is starting to catch on but is not quite there yet; he may thank Jesus for a new toy one night but then spend 7 not saying a word. This concept of an elevated vibration is clearly evident in the actions of my kids. It took for my husband and I to maintain that vibration of being grateful prior to going to bed for a few months, then our oldest chimed in and now our youngest is starting to catch on.

Think about Abraham’s quote: "disconnecting ourselves from resources will not give them more to eat". If we disconnect ourselves from resources all that happens is that we end up with fewer resources. On the other hand, if we maintain our positive, life is abundant attitude then those around us have no choice but to adopt that attitude as well. Nothing will make the flow of life come to us more than being in gratitude.

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I am grateful for the yoga class that will be coming my way in a couple of hours!



  1. Mary - Great post! I love your nightly ritual! We are going to borrow this one. I have been reading/listening to Abraham/Esther for years. I have seen them a few times as well. I first heard the term LOA from them. I love the common sense, direct and easy to "get" way they describe LOA. I had watched a very early release of The Secret where they were in it (they were later removed - their choice).

    Your post is something I have often thought about myself and has been a big reason for my feelings and drive towards being more authentic. There have been times that I get done with a conversation and wonder who was talking because I had fallen into a complaining mode when I really didn't feel that way. I love your take on it. THANKS

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  4. Andrea- I totally agree with you; being authentic to yourself should be top priority. I think you'll love the nightly ritual both for you and your daughter :)