Sunday, February 7, 2010

Everything in Moderation!

I've been on a major cleanse for the past two weeks. I love doing cleanses! The last time I did a total digestive cleanse was before I got pregnant with my oldest son which was about 8 years ago. I was definitely due for a major one. I take this drink concoction twice a day on an empty stomach which is meant to draw out all the toxins in my body and eliminate them. I was feeling totally fantastic until Saturday night when I indulged in food and drink something I hadn't done for the past 2 weeks. I went from eating salads and grilled fish to having Cajun food with wine. While dealing with the stomach pains, I contemplated the thoughts of moderation and balance.

Life is all about harmony and balance. Life is night and day, summer and winter, fall and spring, up and down ... etc. Life naturally maintains this rhythm without any intervention on anybody's part. Even the maintenance of the boy/girl equilibrium is said to be maintained naturally as well. Our bodies must be in a state of balance to live. Our blood will do everything necessary to maintain the necessary ph for life to be possible. It is up to us to supplement our bodies with proper rest and nutrition so that this process is not so taxing on it.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all heard the phrase “everything in moderation is the key” but yet that does not seem to be the norm of how humans do things. I believe moderation is the key to longevity, happiness, a centered life and the list goes on. We tend as humans to go way past moderation into indulgence a lot. While in Maui, Wayne Dyer said that humans are the only beings who tend to interfere with their dharma. Dharma is our life purpose or what we came to earth to accomplish. He gave the example of a giraffe doing nothing else but being a giraffe. Humans are the only beings who overeat, oversleep, overwork …etc. We are the only beings who overdo. How are we to carry out our dharma if we are constantly trying to come back to the balance necessary for life?

My dog, Bones, is turning 17 in May. I thank him for every day he lives and talk to him all the time about it being ok if he wanted to move on into the spirit world. I want my pup to be happy however that may look for me. He was losing weight because he couldn’t eat the dog food quite as well anymore. I was concerned about that so I started cooking for him. Chicken soup is his absolute favorite (what can I say I love my puppy). I made him 2 scrambled eggs tonight for dinner and ¾ of the way through his bowl, he was done and there was no way I was going to get him to eat anymore. I thought about the fact that most animals naturally do not overindulge.

I thought back to Saturday night and realized that if I was going to eat anything heavy while on a major detox, I should have had just a taster and at most ½ a glass of wine instead of 3. You may say that 3 glasses of wine over the course of 5 hours is not a lot but it is for someone whose body was eliminating toxins. During a cleanse, 1 glass of wine is too much as is food that is oily, buttery and spicy.

Moderation in everything is a must for life. When you exercise stop before collapsing, when you eat stop when you are full, when you drink don’t overindulge, when you meditate stop when it’s time … I feel like you get the point.

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In total moderation!


  1. I read your article, it is interesting, but i want to ask, what do you use for cleanse? and is it available over the counter? and how many times a year we supposed to do this proceedure, becasue i heard it is not good also to over do it.

  2. Mohammad,
    I am doing a cleanse that it under the supervision of a doctor with a complete list of recommended foods. I would not be able to recommend anything to you. I agree with the statement of overdoing it is not good.
    Take care,