Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Dat? Drew Brees!

I got to watch Drew Brees, the quarterback of the Saints, on Oprah the other day. By the way, I love Oprah and I admire all that she's done. I don't get to watch her show as often as I'd like but I find that every time I do I get inspired. Drew Brees led the Saints to win the Super Bowl this year. I personally am a Colts fan but I have to admit that there was something in me that wanted the “Who Dat” nation to win this one. After all that New Orleans has been through it was awesome that they got to celebrate a win such as this.

The following answer by Drew Brees is taken off of Oprah's website. She had asked him how he felt about all the critics that said he didn’t have what it takes to be a great quarterback because of his height and shoulder injury … etc:

"Every person in our position has at some point down the road been told by somebody that you can't do it, for whatever reason—you're not talented enough or whatever. Sure, you use that for motivation, but for me it's really about the people that did believe in me and gave me confidence to accomplish what we've been able to accomplish. Those are the people that I play for. ... I just want to make them proud."

I loved that answer and thought about that a lot. How many of us spend our energy trying to prove someone wrong or trying to show them or whatever? Wouldn't it make more sense to do something feeding off of the positive energy that's coming your way? Think about the Saints, Drew Brees said that he felt that the energy of the entire nation was behind them. What fantastic energy to feed off of to propel them forward to a Super Bowl win!

Any time you try to do something because of someone else your energy becomes scattered. I find that when you’re trying to prove someone wrong all that happens is the energy of it festers inside you. When you do finally accomplish whatever it is then you’re like a balloon that got deflated because half the time the other person doesn't even care or remember what they said to you. This actually includes the people who sometimes are well-intentioned too.

At my book club last night we talked about just that; people and their intentions. Although someone’s intention may be coming from a place of love that doesn’t mean you have to take it on. Your parent, sibling or friend may feel like they have your best interest in mind but actually all they are doing is causing anxiety in you if you allow it. I always believe that you are the creator of your Universe not a victim of circumstance.

I would say, look within and realize what it is that you’d like to accomplish and why. Always keep in mind that you can create anything that you’d like provided that you fully believe that you can. I love that Brees took on the energy of the country and led his team to an awesome victory.

Find your champions and allow their energy to propel you as well!

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