Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seize the opportunity!

I've been thinking about opportunity a lot lately. I've recently been accepted into the Hay House New Release Reviewers program. Basically, I get sent a book prior to its release so that I can read and review it. I am going to post my thoughts about the book on this blog. I saw the request for reviewers on Louise Hay's Facebook page one time. I wrote down the email address to send my information to the moment I saw it. I kept it on my desk for a couple of weeks which is when I decided it was time to apply to the program. I do things this way a lot - I just wait to feel when the time is right to do something and then I do it. I feel that I don't regret much this way because I allow things to sit with me and jell in my head for a while.

When the movie, The Secret, first came out I sent a copy to all of my family members. I remember my brother commenting that the movie made it sound like all you needed to do to attract something was to think about it and it'll appear. He suggested that as being very misleading because we can't just sit there and wait for the opportunity to come to us rather we have to go out there and pursue it. Of course, keep in mind that was his opinion of the movie.

The teachings of Abraham which are channeled by Esther Hicks will talk to you about thought being the creator of your Universe. In other words, what you think about you will get. So are they suggesting that we just sit around and think things into existence as well?

I honestly don’t feel anyone talking about the Law of Attraction is telling you to just sit around and wait for things to fall in your lap without taking any action. In other words the Universe will deliver the opportunity but it’s up to you to seize it!

Hay House posted the request for reviewers on Facebook, the Universe delivered that request to me by guiding me to login into my Facebook account at that moment but it was up to me to do something about it. It was up to me to take the time to fill out the application, call Hay House to figure out more and so on.

The key to any manifestation begins with your thoughts about it; a new job, a new car, a baby, a relationship, a Super Bowl ring … etc. Keep in mind too that nothing is too hard for the Universe to deliver to you. It’s up to you to believe that you can achieve it and it will come to you. Know what it is you want to attract first, let the Universe deliver it to you and then do something about it!

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Seizing the opportunities coming my way!


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