Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Salmon will never be the same!

Canada has approved genetically modified salmon to go into production. I read this on Facebook this morning and proceeded to find out if it was true by searching it on the internet. It is true and extremely disturbing!

Some environmental groups want a court to decide if the federal government of Canada violated it's own rule by allowing GE (genetically engineered) salmon to be produced.

I don't get it

This GE salmon is supposed to grow to market size at a faster rate than wild salmon. Why is this necessary anyway? Why would we jeopardize our ecosystems to get something faster? Is bigger and faster our mantra now regardless of the impact it may have on our planet? 

When Canada makes a decision like that, it affects the entire planet. This decision should not have been made without sufficient proof that GE salmon will not affect the planet's ecosystems and species. It is not clear whether this GE salmon will become invasive and possibly breed with other species, wipe them out, or who knows what else. 

This is not a decision that should have been made lightly and yet it was!

What's in this frankenfish anyway?

Genetic material from Chinook salmon and the eel-like species ocean pout were inserted into Atlantic salmon eggs to create AquAdvantage salmon. 

Doesn't that sound disgusting? Who thinks of this stuff anyway and why?

Is it too late?

In one of the documentaries I saw about genetically modified products, one of the executives of a biotech company said something along the lines of, "we are hoping to get to the day where genetically engineered products have infiltrated the food supply so much that there is no turning back". I wonder if we are at that point?

What will it take for us to wake up and say no?

The Power of Food 

I am reading a fantastic book called The Fourfold Path to Healing: Working with the Laws of Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement and Meditation in the Art of Medicine by Thomas Cowan, Sally Fallon and Jaimen McMillan.

One paragraph really hit home for me. It talks about the fact that food is essential to our well-being. We forget that our bodies are perfect, they are not meant to battle disease if we nourish and feed our bodies properly. The author talks about the necessity of preparing food and taking the time to make a healthy meal. Food has the capacity to heal any ailment we are experiencing provided that it is a whole food. 

Genetically modified foods started their life out in a laboratory, far from the way God intended our food to come to our table. 

Let's do this together!

If you need ideas on how to switch to organic food and products, I am here to help. Organic food may seem daunting and expensive but it really is not and the benefits are tremendous!

I am constantly signing petitions and trying to raise awareness on the ill-effects of GMOs. Please join me in this endeavor. I always post them to Facebook.

I'd love to hear from you. You may leave a comment below, email me to mary@marysalfi.com or find me on Facebook by becoming a fan of marysalfi.com

It is time!



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