Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review of "Experience Your Good Now" by Louise L. Hay

I just finished reading Experience Your Good Now! by Louise L. Hay and it was great! This book was sent to me for free by Hay House so that I can read it and then write a review about it. I have to say that I read the whole book but honestly I was stuck on the first chapter with my thoughts.

The objective of the book is to release any blocks you may have around certain areas of your life examples being health, addictions, work, friends, love life and so on. Every chapter is devoted to one of the topics mentioned and starts with a checklist of negative thoughts you may have around them. Once you’ve figured out the negative thoughts then through affirmations and mirror work you will be able to shift the once negative thought to a positive one which ultimately will lead to health and happiness.

I am going to really focus on the first chapter which was about health because it truly was the one that resonated with me the most. It seems like for the past few months I’ve been getting sick about once a month. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. Louise talks about the idea that we contribute to every illness in our body because the body is basically a mirror of our inner thoughts. I always believe that we are not victims of anything but instead creators of our universe so I started to wonder why I would manifest an illness of some sort every few weeks. She continues to say that every disease that we have is a teacher. These two thoughts have made me think a lot; what was I thinking on a subconscious level to allow these illnesses to manifest and then what were they trying to teach me.

The next part of the chapter started with the exercises. One of the questions to answer was “what, if anything, did you enjoy about being sick as a child?” That immediately made me remember that I loved the attention I got from everyone. Then I fast-forwarded to my current situation to realize that I still love getting the attention especially from my husband. I remembered back 12 years ago when I got sick and he made me chicken soup. It was by far the worst chicken soup I had ever tasted but also the best because it was soup that was meant to make me feel better. He was taking care of me and I loved it.

Every chapter ends with positive thoughts and affirmations. I love affirmations because I feel they are a simple method to keep you in line with what it is you’d really like to manifest and bring into your experience. I do affirmations all the time for anything and everything. Very simply affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat over and over until your goal has been achieved.

I don’t know if this realization will prevent me from catching that cold or getting an upset stomach quite as easily but I do know that it feels great to release some blockages that did not resonate with my being any longer.

I recommend this book to anyone who has a certain area of their life they’d like to improve. It certainly is a book to hold on to and refer to when blockages do happen in your life.

You may buy the book from Hay House, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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My body is healthy and vibrant!

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