Friday, April 16, 2010

So who's got the greenest grass anyway?

"I'd love to have your life" and I would always say "But then you'd have to accept my standard of living". Isn’t that a fantastic statement? I read it in the book An Exact Replica of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken. While in Orlando my sister-in-law got me interested in reading memoirs. She’s an avid reader and said that she’s been hooked on them for a while. I saw this book at Costco the other day and it was about the author losing a child to a stillbirth and then proceeding to have another child. I thought I would be interested in reading something about that but I realized that I am done processing what happened to us with Isabella and honestly I would just like to move on. Nevertheless, I always get something valuable from anything I read. I have been thinking about this statement since. It seems to be human nature to look and say the grass is always greener on the other side. Well what if you were on the other side then the grass would be greener on this side. So when does it ever end?

If you wish to be in someone else’s shoes then you have to take on their entire life not just bits and pieces of it. Let’s say were to truly listen to someone else’s story I’d bet at the end of it you’d still keep your story and your life. I was watching Wayne Dyer’s “Excuses Begone!” PBS special last night where he said that everything that happened to you in your life was a must because it actually did happen. In other words, every experience is a necessary one for your evolution otherwise it would not have happened. It seems like everything I’ve ever been through good or bad has taught me something that was amazingly valuable to me. I can’t say that I have learned from other people’s experiences because I truly could not relate. Even someone who has had my same experience cannot claim to have learned from it what I learned either. My brothers and I all lost our dad when very young; I guarantee for each of us the experience was totally different although it’s the same person we lost.

There’s something to be said enjoying everything we have and being grateful for it. Ever since I can remember my mom has been saying to me “don’t worry about what anyone else has just worry about you.” I attended a parent education night at our school where the facilitator said that it is our job as parents to constantly reinvent ourselves. She said that we needed to look within and better who we are. I would like to extend that to say it’s not only parents that need to do that but everyone in every situation needs to evaluate who they are and reinvent themselves constantly. I can say from personal experience that when I do my personal best then I don’t worry about anyone or anything else. It’s only when I think I haven’t given something my all that I look around to see how another has performed.

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