Monday, April 12, 2010

The magpie's nest

This past weekend we watched a magpie build its nest in our beautiful blue spruce tree. Last year we were fascinated by this beautiful bird. Every time we saw one everyone would gather around the window to watch what it was doing. On Saturday, it moved in and brought its friend. The fascinating thing was that it took all day meticulously building its nest; it flew to all corners of our yard looking for the perfect twig or branch to build its home.

I have my husband thinking in blogs now; I love it!! This morning he said to me that I should blog about the magpie with the context of “be careful what you pray for you might just get it”. I asked him to elaborate on that which is when he said “last year we were fascinated by these birds and wanted them to come around, now that they’ve moved in we just want them to leave”. These birds are totally beasts; they chase squirrels, drive away little birds, they have completely dominated the backyard in just two days. My husband asked me to consider if we wanted to have these magpies in our yard at all costs. In other words we see these beautiful creatures but give up all other wildlife because they will drive them away.

I am not about to break down their nest but I am wondering why they have moved in this year. Last year, I saw five magpies swoop down, land in our yard and take off after a few minutes. Why didn't they stay then?

I truly believe that nature has much to tell us in the form of signs. I love Dr. Steven Farmer’s book called Animal Spirit Guides which talks of the messages animals are trying to give us. According to Dr. Farmer, some of what magpie’s message is “act on any and all opportunities that present themselves to you without hesitation” and “pay attention to signs or omens as they will serve to guide you”. I also love to interpret messages from animals. When you read any interpretations remember that certain things will jump out at you and make sense; keep in mind that is really the message for you. I also looked up magpies on the internet to find out they have been associated with magic and superstitions.

My friend came over yesterday, when I showed her the magpie she proceeded to recite the One for Sorrow traditional children's nursery rhyme about magpies “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told, Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird you must not miss”.

So what’s my take home message from all these messages? I would say that last year I mostly saw one magpie at a time so I totally believe that message was of sorrow. The five magpies swooping down were maybe foreseeing silver but I also believe they were talking to me about watching out for signs. The fact that they have moved in this year is probably a sign that I should really pay attention to what they are trying to tell me; maybe I’m a little denser and I need constant reminding. Anytime I’m in the backyard one of them is swooping down and landing right in front of me. I believe it’s for me to truly remember the magic I have within and to use it wisely. I’m starting to rev up my classes again, I’m getting into doing more readings and I love writing this blog. I’ve taken a little bit of a break since last year but I feel the message is “get back into it and take it on full force.” There’s also a message for my husband and kids from magpie but that’s up to them to figure out. I also feel the “two for joy” message is a welcome one in our household for the year 2010.

I’m going to let nature take its course with how long the magpies are going to stay in our yard and if that means we don’t see squirrels the whole summer then so be it. I’m sure when they are satisfied with the fact that we got their messages they will move on to the next family that needs to be reminded of the magic within.

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Off to weed the garden and hang out with my new friends the magpies.



  1. Lovely post mary and very true - we have much to learn form nature and animals. Thank you for the links!

  2. just an FYI - but i've had an unexpected ant problem and when i connect the location in my home and the meaning from linsdomain - I am amazed at the answer i get!!!! Thank you very much for this post mary - much appreciate it!!!!!! :-))))))))

  3. Preethi - it's so great that you got the answer to your ant problem! I absolutely love the website. It's always helpful information!

  4. yes absolutely Mary!! last summer i dreamt of a white tiger that wanted to show me sthg or wanted me to follow or go with it but i didn't. i looked up the meaning on this site and was amazed! Also my dream white tiger had brown eyes not blue which is what white tigers have.......funnily enough, I have brown eyes!! :-)))

  5. Preethi - that website you included is pretty cool. I've never seen it before. I looked up some of the other animals they have on there and it's pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing it. I love when the connections are made to things! I had a dream a couple of years back that a cougar was coming to get me, that same afternoon I was called by the 7th Wave Network to host an internet talk show. It's so amazing what animals are trying to communicate to us.

  6. How amazing Mary!!! this past sat morning i noticed a beautiful oriole with orange breast strutting on our driveway. it didn't fly away when i walked around the car to get in and just looked me straight in the eye. I saw it once more after that and again this morning - kinda like he's hanging out front? i looked up the meaning on linsdomain and was amazed at the answer!!! :-)))))

  7. Preethi,
    I love all the messages you're getting from the animal world! Any time I'm in the backyard the magpie's are sure to get my attention. We also saw four baby magpies the other day which was really cool. Now the robins have moved in as well. It really is amazing when they want to get our attention what they will do.
    Take care,