Thursday, April 22, 2010

Never underestimate your ablity to change ..

The greatest thing about a Wayne Dyer lecture is that you continuously learn from it months after attending it. I was talking to my friend this morning about something when she said “do you remember when we were in Maui and Wayne Dyer said ‘never underestimate your ability to change yourself and never overestimate your ability to change someone else’”. Isn’t that fantastic! I started looking through my notes from that weekend workshop and he had quoted Neville in saying that “if you want to elevate your life to a higher place then the only thing you have to do is change the concept of yourself”. You have to change the perception of who you think you are so that you can be who you want to become.

I am currently reading a Neville Goddard book called Awakened Imagination. He talks about the Law of Attraction without terming it that. He says “we must use imagination masterfully, not as an onlooker thinking of the end but as a partaker thinking from the end. We must actually be there in imagination. If we do this, our subjective experience will be realized objectively.” I thought this was great. Imagine yourself in your manifestation; you must assume “the feeling of the wish already fulfilled.”

Whether it’s the change we seek in ourselves or the change in something in our life I believe we go about it the same way. Sometimes, we may get the same message or sign to change over and over but then one day it clicks and that’s when I believe the change will happen. The desire to change must come from within. We may also feel like we’re on the right track with “change” but then get discouraged because things aren’t happening fast enough which is when we may give up on our manifestation.

I’ve been observing how nature goes about with its change. Every year I feel that I wake up one day to see that all the flowers have bloomed and all the leaves have come in for spring. I had never noticed the gradual change until this year. I’ve been observing the trees on the drive to school every morning and I noticed that I’ve been seeing the leaves come in ever so slightly for the past few weeks. If I don’t look closely then I may feel that tree is still barren. Nature doesn’t really do anything overnight. It takes its time with its creations; seeds take their time coming out of the ground, the sun rises gradually, leaves take their time falling off the trees in the fall and so on. Maybe that’s how manifestations work for us too; the point would be to gradually shift from one place to the other and to be patient in the process keeping in mind that we are capable of creating anything we may desire.

With that in mind maybe the change we’d like to see in other people needs to be on their own terms too. Someone may appease you for a certain period of time but unless they desire the change for themselves I’ll bet they’ll revert to who they really are sooner or later. I truly believe Wayne Dyer’s quote of “never overestimate your ability to change someone else.” I would say the “live and let live” mantra is fantastic to go by. You may ask yourself why you’d like someone else to change anyway; what’s in it for you and why not accept them for who they are?

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