Friday, March 26, 2010

What about that Sunshine?

My oldest son turned seven on Monday. We went to go celebrate his birthday at Benihana's. We ended up sitting next to a couple who had one child with them. I immediately assumed that he was an only child and part of me felt sad for him. Why I would make that judgment and then proceed to have an emotion about it is beyond me?

After talking to his mom for a few moments I realized that he has an older and younger brother. I asked her where her other children were. She said that they were with their grandparents. I thought that this boy may be celebrating something special with his parents and he was getting a night out. I find out that they actually lived in Wyoming and that they are in Denver for a whole week where he could get treated for his asthma problems. They were here to learn to read the signs of an asthma attack coming before it actually did to hopefully make it more manageable for their son. Wow! I thought to myself at that moment that way too many assumptions were made on my part during that hour we shared together. She asked me if there were fun places to visit and I started naming a few of my boys’ favorites but I had to stop to think if they were appropriate for a five-year old with asthma. I guess running around at Monkey Bizness is out as is throwing a football in the park.

This morning I read an article about the Nuggets coach and his battle with throat cancer. I have to be honest that I didn’t have the stomach to read the whole thing. I did read the last couple of lines of the article where the interviewer asks the coach if he’s scared. I included the coach’s answer as well as the last few lines of the interview.

The Coach answers: "I'm scared every day," he says. "Scared all the time. But my kids, my family, my staff, they keep me thinking positive."
Interviewer: “Anything good coming from all this?”
Coach: "Oh, yeah. Lots. Sometimes, I feel the sunshine on my face and I just stop and think, 'Damn, this feels good.' I never used to think about sunshine, you know?"

I’ve thought about his a lot. How many of us think about the sunshine? Isn’t that fantastic?

This is life; it's having asthma, getting cancer, getting married, having children, changing jobs, losing 20-week pregnancies …etc. Life is up, down and everything in between. Through it all we’ve got to remember the sunshine!

I wish the little boy with asthma the best of luck and pray that it’s manageable so that he can live his life as normal as possible. I pray for the Nuggets coach a speedy and healthy recovery. I wish for myself to remember the sunshine and to take the time to bask in it!

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Going to enjoy the sunshine today!

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