Friday, March 5, 2010

Superstitions ... really?

My boys were wrestling right outside their bedroom door the other day (something that is not unusual in our household I may add). I needed to get into the room but my little guy was blocking the door so I stepped over him to get in. For a moment after I did that I thought: "Oh my God, what if he stops growing because I stepped over him". Well when I took a moment to realize how silly that superstition was I started thinking about all the other falsehoods I was carrying around in my head.

Culturally we have a lot of superstitions in Lebanon; the house has to be spotless on New Year’s Eve for the year to be prosperous, you can’t cut your nails at night, you have to wear something blue so that the “evil eye” can’t get you and the list goes on … trust me. I’ll bet you’re reading this going “what’s wrong with cutting my nails at night?” I couldn’t tell you. I’ll be that even the people who totally believe that couldn’t explain to you why either. I can’t say that I believe in these superstitions anymore but apparently there at least one I wasn’t aware of that on some level I was still afraid of.

Think about Friday the 13th and how many of us fear that day. I’ll bet most of us can think back to at least one totally uneventful Friday the 13th. Even the fear of the number 13 is huge. Did you know that most of the high-rises don't have a 13th floor and most airplanes don’t have a 13th row? I find that to be fascinating!

If we were to take it one step further we’d realize that there are a lot of ideas or beliefs that we have that don’t have much validity to them if we were to think about it. Think about the statement that we constantly hear and tell our kids “do you know how expensive that is? Money doesn’t grow on trees you know. We work very hard to put food on the table; you’ve got to appreciate it”. There are so many things wrong with that statement much more than I’m about to explain; kids come into the world believing that they can accomplish anything but all of a sudden we make them feel that the Universe is not abundant and that they have to work really hard to get something. The Universe is abundant and we can totally get what we want without working hard for it – we just have to believe it!

I truly believe we are the creators of our own Universe and victims of absolutely nothing. We have total control over our beliefs and what we think our limitations are. Today, you can start believing that walking under a ladder brings you good luck and it will if you truly believe it. You can also choose to have no limiting thoughts whatsoever and always be open to experiences. Louise Hay says “it’s just a thought and a thought can be changed.”

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I fully believe that my son will continue to grow taller even though I had to step over him to get into his bedroom.


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