Monday, March 22, 2010

I am now living an ABBA song ...

I had a fantastic girl's night in the other night where we shared food, drink, laughed a ton and watched "Muriel's Wedding". I had never seen this movie before. It was definitely entertaining although sad at times as well. The main character of the movie is Muriel who would spend hours in her room doing nothing but listening to ABBA songs. Muriel’s goal in life was to fit in and get married. She meets an old friend of hers while on a vacation where they totally hit it off to become best friends. Muriel moves away from home, rents an apartment with her friend, gets a job and starts becoming more confident. Her friend falls on hard times and she wonders why Muriel is still her friend. Muriel’s answer to her was “before I met you I would sit in my room and listen to ABBA songs all day. Since I met you I haven’t listened to one ABBA song and that’s because now my life is an ABBA song.” I thought that was fantastic! I’ve been thinking about that line in the movie ever since.

You've heard me say this before but I can't resist "I love Wayne Dyer!" If you ever hear him lecture you’ll probably hear the story of how he was going off to the navy and his uncle gave him Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich. I haven’t read the story myself but to quote Wayne Dyer about it he says that Ivan Ilyich was a judge who although was successful wasn’t happy throughout his life. On his death bed, he whispers to his wife whom he did not get along with “what if it was all wrong”. Isn’t that powerful? What if someone lives their whole life only to realize at the time of their death that it was all wrong?

Wayne Dyer will say “don’t die with your music still in you”. That is also how he lives his life. He certainly shares his music with the world and for that I am certainly grateful.

I guess the first question to ask is “what music is within me?” When I was a teenager and younger I was super intuitive. I could hear things, see things and certainly know things. I knew that my father was going to pass away a couple of months before he did because I kept hearing a voice telling me about it. When I was 20, I decided to shut my intuition off. I told my mother than no one would want to date a weirdo which is what I thought I was. I was never able to completely shut it off but I did manage to live what I thought was a "normal" life. When I was 29, I got pregnant with my oldest son Louie. That’s when my intuition came flooding back and there was no holding it back. On a side note, Louie’s birthday is today, he is 7 years old and a total joy. Happy Birthday my love bug! Back to this post, Louie’s mission now I believe was to replay that music within me. His mission was two-fold; bring back my intuition and help me appreciate it.

My inspiration now is Wayne Dyer. I’d love to eventually write books that are an inspiration to many, lecture to hundreds of people and change lives.

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Dancing to my music!


  1. I think that is our job in life - to find our own song and to sing it. What a pity to waste the life singing someone else's song or not singing at all.

  2. Tracy - I totally agree and would actually add to your comment that as long as we're not singing our song something inside of us is unsettled. It's usually a sign when we get the feeling that there's more out there for us.