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The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I just finished reading Wayne Dyer’s new book The Shift: Taking your Life from Ambition to Meaning. This is a book that was sent to me for free by Hay House to read and review. I am now part of the Hay House New Release Reviewers program where I will periodically be sent books to read and review at no cost to me or them.

I watched the movie “The Shift” last year around this time and I remember that it made a huge impact on me. I went to see Wayne Dyer in Maui where I heard some of the same information and again it made a huge impact on me. And now, I can truly say that after reading this book which again presents similar information that I am impacted once again.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Wayne Dyer. I find him to be one of the most empowering spiritual teachers out there. There’s something about his words and concepts that no matter how many times I hear them I always learn something new. I feel that I am ready to take life on by the horns when I’m done reading one of his books, watching a PBS special or attending one of his lectures – he is truly fantastic!

The first time I heard the phrases “the morning of your life” and “the afternoon of your life” was when I watched the movie “The Shift”. I have often thought about the change from how we view things when in one phase versus the other. In this book Wayne Dyer again talks about these two concepts but goes even further to explain how we get from the morning to the afternoon of our life and what becomes important. He does so by breaking down and explaining the following words; from, ambition, to and meaning.

The first chapter of the book discusses the concept of where we came from. Most of us will not argue that we came from source and to source we will return. If we came from source then we must be like what we came from and therefore we are source as well. The problem is that most of us have forgotten our divine roots. He says to remember God we must “get quiet, let go of conflict, become peaceful and remember the eternal gentleness that resides within you”. I love that statement! It's a total reminder that for you to achieve peace, going within is a must.

Then “ambition” is that phase of our life that is ego-driven where we measure ourselves by our material success or accomplishments. Whether that’s due to the influence of the world around us or by our own doing most of seem to go through this phase in the morning of our life. Think about the following sentence taken from the book “the problem that exists with the mind-set of evaluating ourselves on the basis of what we’ve acquired is this: If we are what we have, the when we don’t have, we aren’t!” How can we never exist or never be? We truly are never worth that which we produce or make only.

It seems like most of the time we need something major to happen for us to start re-evaluating our life and our priorities. Since reading the book I have really thought about that u-turn and heading towards God or our source. I can tell you that for me there have been many small moments but by far the loss of a baby last summer was a huge quantum moment or quantum event I should say. Wayne Dyer talks about looking for the energy in a fall to propel you upward; that is something I can testify to you first-hand. I can say that my loss was definitely humbling and allowed me to take it down a notch. I find that because of that I am so much more accessible to so many more people. These people have in turn allowed my life to be rich with incredible conversation, experiences and relationships. Humility is huge in the afternoon of one’s life.

Finally we get to the “meaning” phase of our life; the phase of our life where we respect all things, where honesty is a priority and where we offer our support and service to others. This is the phase of our life that having trust in ourselves, God and others is apparent and so much more. Think about this “a life of Meaning is literally only a thought away”.

Once again Wayne Dyer has managed to motivate me and help me to take it up a notch in the right direction. I highly recommend watching the movie and reading this book. You will get a lot out of both experiences – this I promise you.

You can buy this book at Hay House, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Enjoy!

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