Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Inspiration. Where is it?

It seems like I went through a period of being uninspired for a couple of weeks. It just seemed like I was going through the motions of the day; one thing leading to the next without my usual umph for life. I don't really know the cause of it but since I am not one to stay in that mode I decided to do something about it.

For those of you that know me well - you know that I LOVE Wayne Dyer. I never go to Maui without openly hoping that I'll just happen to run into him on the beach. Wayne Dyer is known as the father of inspiration so I thought to myself what better seminar to attend then "Excuses Begone!".

The seminar is about eliminating excuses from your life and to just get on with what it is you desire. I've been reading the book "Excuses Begone!" and that has been shifting a lot of thought processes or mind viruses as Dr. Dyer calls them. Wayne Dyer to me is truly inspiring; his style of lecturing just has a way of seeping into my being and becoming part of it. It has been helping tremendously just reading the book and looking forward to actually being part of the workshop.

The greatest thing about making a choice to become inspired is seeing what experiences have come my way since. Esther Hicks, who channels an entity known as Abraham, talks about aligning yourself with what it is you'd like to manifest in your life. I truly believe that is true. When you truly align yourself with what it is you want then it seems like the Universe responds 10-fold and brings you the necessary experiences. My choice of becoming inspired and then following it up with actually buying my ticket to the workshop was the sign the Universe needed to bring me those experiences.

My kids go to a school where the first grade class starts their day with a morning walk. I've been going on these walks these past few days and it's just amazing to me how inspired I'm getting from hanging around a bunch of 6 and 7 year-olds. Today's task was to try to run as fast as you could so that you could jump and touch the branch of a tree. What great fun and excitement this brought. Pretty soon all the boys were running to try to see who could get that branch. We also walked in front of a patch of sunflowers. I mean we're talking about Jack and the beanstalk type sunflowers. These things were huge and overflowing in this beautiful garden.

I thought about that walk and the zest that these kids have for life all day today. I'd like to carry that type of energy with me throughout every day. Why wouldn't I let a giant sunflower inspire and awe me? The yoga class I did today was fantastic, the reading I did this morning was amazing, the tennis matches I watched at our club, my kids running around playing football, my sons' hugs and kisses ... the list is endless of things I can look at to inspire me. I just need to be aware of all the experiences the Universe is sending my way and they are plenty. The key is to pay attention to everything coming my way; both small and big.

What do you think? What inspires you? Are you doing it? Let me know what you think by emailing me to mary@marysalfi.com, posting a comment to this blog or commenting on my Facebook page.

With joy,

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