Monday, September 14, 2009

So ... who am I?

I have been going to a hot yoga class lately which I have been enjoying tremendously. Through all the movement that I do in a hot room, I get to contemplate a lot of what's going on in my life and release that which doesn't suit me anymore. I love doing things that are symbolic in that way. Today's instructor asked the question us the question "Who are you?"

I smiled inwardly because that is something I ask myself and teach about all the time. It is also a question I have blogged about as well. I thought to myself well this is easy today - I know the answer. I have contemplated this question a lot and here it is; I am a person who loves company, who loves being outdoors, I love hanging out with my kids, I love going out to dinner with my husband ... among other things. I realized though that as I was going over those in my head that I am not only that. I am also what I desire to be in the future as well as the person I was when I was 10 years old - that pure being that hadn't had a lot of life experiences yet. This brought up a whole new perspective for me on this question.

Esther Hicks channels an entity called Abraham. The teachings of Abraham are quite amazing. They talk a lot about the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says if you desire something, desire it and expect that it will come to you then it must come. I thought about that with Isabella a lot. I really did want her to come but she didn't. Does that mean that the Law of Attraction doesn't work or does it mean that for whatever reason this manifestation did not come to fruition in the way I wanted it to.

Wayne Dyer takes it one step further and says if your desire does not manifest then assume that it was for your best. Abraham also takes it one step further by saying that it is ideal if you use the Law of Attraction to hold the intention of manifesting joy into your life. Therefore, if you desire joy, feel that you can attain joy and expect joy to come into your life then it must come. This thought process will then lead you to experience joy in everything you encounter. No longer will you work on manifesting a new car or new job or a relationship rather if what will bring you joy is a new car then it will come into your life and so on. Allow the Universe to give you the gifts that give you the greatest happiness. Allow yourself to receive that ultimate gift of joy.

So ... who am I?

I realized after all this contemplation that who I really am is a very compassionate and happy person. Once I said those words to myself I felt a smile forming on my face and I have carried that feeling ever since. My husband had said those words to me in conversation the other day. I didn't realize that he was giving me a gift of realizing who I am one step further. As a child, I helped everyone I could and as an adult I do the same always with a smile on my face.

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In the spirit of yoga ...


  1. Mary,

    What a lovely post. You touch lives in a positive way often without even realizing it.



  2. Mary,

    Wow.. You have so much here to think about. Who am I?? I am a mother, sister, friend, daughter... although I like "nice things" in life, it's the simple stuff that brings me the greatest joy.. having something in the oven or on the stove (or both) and having my house full of laughter from family and friends.. I love to cook, go for walks outside, slow dance, watch my beautiful girls grow, and make a difference in the lives of the people around me.

    In terms of the Law of Attraction.. I am aligned with Wayne Dyer in that you can "ask" for something all you want, but if it doesn't serve your higher good or if it's not meant to be in your "experience", it will not manifest or it will manifest and then go away..

    I love ya my soul sister.. You are truly an inspiration.


  3. Jill - I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I hope you'll come back and read more from time to time.

    Jacqueline - I had a reading this morning where I told the woman to think about this question at first she laughed and then said "I have never thought about it and wouldn't it be amazing to know" I thought that was pretty cool. It's definitely a work in progress. Thank you my friend, you are an inspiration to me as well!