Friday, September 18, 2009

Living the now

For those of you who know me you know that I'm a thinker or I should say I contemplate things. I may read something somewhere or hear someone say something which will lead me to spend the next few days wondering and contemplating what they meant and what might be the answer to it. I have been contemplating a couple of things lately; life and being in the now.

It seems like I've heard about people getting in accidents or having health issues a lot lately and the prognosis has not been good. I've always believed to some extent that we chose how and when we'll die prior to incarnating. I have also read somewhere that you can have up to 3 exit points or 3 times in your life when you may die. These are times that you may have a near death experience or something traumatic may happen to you which forever changes your outlook on life. I also feel that on some level we know the path we're supposed to be leading in our lives but it's a little foggy along with that fogginess comes the when and how we're going to die. Therefore the conclusion for me would be that life for you or I could end at any second so why not enjoy every single moment that you are alive.

Wayne Dyer (shocker I would quote him) talks about the only time you have to live is now. Everything that happened in your past was only a series of "now" moments and everything coming in your future is a series of "now" moments as well therefore the conclusion becomes there is nothing but being in the present moment. Doesn't that feel good? To be free of the past - how liberating is that? We can't turn back time so let's not worry about it.

Was the day I lost Isabella a possible exit point for me? I was told that I lost 40% of my blood volume and that if I hadn't been in the hospital already who knows what would have happened. I'll never be sure if I chose not to die that day but I can say that my outlook on life has definitely changed since then. I would say that I now seize the opportunity to enjoy whatever it is I'm doing and I don't put off until tomorrow as much. Well I do put off housework but not playing with the kids or a tennis match because that allows me to feel good in the now. I do love a clean house and when that's the priority then fixing beds, picking up toys, doing dishes and laundry is what I do.

My friend talks about a near fatal car accident she was involved in that forever changed her life as well. When people tell her they're sorry she had to go through that her answer is she's not. She's actually happy she had that life experience because it allowed her to have an appreciation for what is now.

I feel that living this way will also eliminate a lot of struggles for you. If you enjoy the now rather than having an expectation of how something needs to look then you are also free of those ties. Does expectation lead to disappointment? I would say that it may be true most of the times.

In her book "Life Touches Life" Lorraine Ash talks about how some people who were her friends or family did not show up for her when she lost her daughter at 9 months to a still-birth but how others did come through for her. The people that did show up for her were not the people she was expecting to. She cautions us who have lost babies prematurely that this may also happen. People simply may not know how to react to our situation or don't know what to say. I can definitely say I've experienced this as well. Some of my family members have not called, emailed or sent me a card yet and it's been about 3 months since I lost Isabella. I can't tell you that it doesn't hurt when someone doesn't show up for you but I can also say that I am going to choose to appreciate and enjoy those people who were a huge support for me and still are.

Be in the now - it's the only moment you've got!

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In the now,

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  1. Great post! Its very liberating to know that the rest of your life is a series of nows that can be whatever we want to make of them. Sure beats looking back at the past.