Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When life is good, it's just good

My 11 year old son Zack plays on a competitive soccer team. The club he plays for has five different levels for competitive soccer. They go from Academy, Burgundy, White, Blue and Gold with A and B teams in every level as well.

He went through tryouts last May and made the White team. All of his teammates at the time made either Burgundy or Academy. Needless to say he was fairly disappointed but being the mild natured kid that he is, he made new friends on his new team and started having a ton of fun.

Yesterday, after practice he told me that he was feeling sad that two of his teammates are potentially moving up to the Burgundy level. He felt like he wanted that opportunity as well.

When life is good ...

At this moment in time, life is pretty good for a little boy name Zack in the world of sports. He plays on a super fun soccer team where he plays on the field and as a goalie. He is on a baseball team with quite a few of his friends from the neighborhood. My husband coaches his flag football team. There are 10 kids on the team all of which are his friends. He plays tennis with two of his best buddies.

My answer to the sadness was, "Zack when life is good, it's just good" and I went on to explain to him how it was great for him right now with all his sports. I told him that if he wanted to play at that higher soccer level, he might have to give up some of the other sports to focus on his ball skills. He also would not be given the opportunity to play in the field as well as in the goal because at the higher level they don't allow them to do that.

I told him that I was fully confident that he could make the higher team if he practiced every day and put his mind to it. Now the big question, "Are you willing to do that?" The answer of course, was no.

Zack's entire mood changed after our conversation and he said that I was right and that he really was happy and content with all that he had going now.

Be careful what you pray for ... you might just get it

I read a book a while back with the title, "Be Careful What you Pray for, you Might just get it" I remember that book anytime I'm in a situation where I want something other than what I have at the moment and ask myself "Is that really what I want or is life pretty good now?"

Anytime I feel like I wish I had more money like that guy or I wish as was as thin as that woman or I wish I was as tall as that person ..  I ask myself if I would trade places with that person. If I am not willing to trade places and take the whole package as it is, I realize that my life is exactly where I want it to be at the moment and everything is good. If I do a check and realize it's not good, then I make different choices so that the outcome looks different.

Thoughts ...

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