Saturday, April 2, 2016

Am I Ever in that Picture?

I have been in Florida all week on vacation. I am here with my kids, my friend and her family. We are staying with my brother and his family. We were supposed to come with my husband as well. A blizzard hit the day we were leaving, we had to cancel our flight for that day, leave a few days afterwards and push back our return. He couldn't be away from work the following week so he ended up staying back.

It's a legit excuse 

The reason for this whole explanation is to tell you that I'm alone with the three children. I'm trying to justify why for the whole week I was here I am in maybe four or five pictures. I read an article not too long ago that this person wrote about her mom. I believe her mother had passed away and she was showing her kids their grandmother's pictures.

She mentioned that there never was a shortage of pictures her mother was in. Here she was laying in the sun, here she was playing tennis, here she was building sandcastles and so on. The mom was always in the memory not preserving the memory without participating in it.

Participating in the moment?

I have been thinking about that a lot since I read that article. I take a LOT of pictures. I would say I am in less than 10% of them. I've certainly started to question why that is. Why am I never in the Easter coloring pictures, or Christmas cookie making or whatever memory I for sure preserve. They will NEVER see a picture of me on the beach because I have yet to lose those 10 pounds or 5 or whatever. I have to be in better clothes or my hair isn't perfect.

My dad passed away quite a few years ago. I wanted to put all the pictures we had of him in one album. I cherished every picture I found. I did't care if he looked overweight, if his hair was grey, if his smile wasn't perfect ... I didn't see any of his flaws. I'm sure he had them but to me he was perfect.

It's time to be in that picture!

I have been better since making an effort but I'm still far from being good. This whole week I could have been much better. I had a picture from when I first gave birth to my oldest son who is now 13! I can't believe how time flies.

Anyway, since having my first child, I don't think I've ever felt fit again. I'm always working on at least 5 pounds. I looked back at that picture not too long ago and couldn't see what I was feeling at the time. I looked fine, I was healthy and I was happy. What more could I have asked for in a moment?

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