Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking a break!

Have you ever had the feeling of being totally out of control or of not having enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals? Well that's been me this afternoon. If I could, I would’ve extended the hours of today by about 5 to finish everything on my to-do list.

I'd like to spend a moment talking about that never-ending to-do list. Doesn't it seem like that list never gets finished? All that happens is that things keep getting added to the bottom of that list. I had a very relaxed morning followed by a fantastic time at the National Western Stock Show with my kids. For some reason though, as soon as I walked in the house I decided that I needed to get everything done. I’ve always believed that we can take on the energy of everything around us. Maybe the buzz of the stock show turned into a buzz in my system where I felt like things were spiraling out of control.

I really don't like this out of control feeling so I decided that the best remedy for this would be a meditation. My husband walked through the door this afternoon and suggested that I go take some time to "chill" after one look at me. I took advantage of his gracious offer and took about 45 minutes to come back to center. I sat in a chair and did nothing but relax allowing myself to dispense of the buzz.

It took me years to recognize when it was time to take that break and just sit down. My mom has told me to stop working and "doing" at 7 pm for years. She says the work will be there in the morning but your grumpiness will have gone away. I joke about mothers being a know-it-all but we are! The wisdom of a mother especially one in her sixties is priceless. If only I had listened to that wisdom when my kids were babies maybe my memories wouldn't be about being tired all the time.

Allowing myself to let things go has been one of my major lessons in life. My husband will recline his chair, look at me and say "this is how it's done” with a smile on his face. He's been trying to get me to "chill" for about 12 years now and tonight I can say that I passed the test! I reclined my seat and sat in it as long as it took for me to feel rejuvenated and guess what the laundry basket was in the same exact condition I had left it in but now I was folding without the grump.

My sister-in-law says she hasn’t gotten sick in years because she stops everything she is doing and takes a break when she feels something coming on. I have thought about that statement since she said it to me 2 months ago. I decided to try her theory out and guess what it worked! My remedy now for feeling run down is a hot, bath with detoxifying bath salts. I sit in that tub until I feel that my body completely sweats out everything that is not serving it. Maybe the inventors of the sweat lodge were onto something.

I have meditated daily for at least 4 years now but sometimes it feels like I need a little TLC from me to me. Tonight was certainly "a be nice to yourself night" and I am so glad I was.

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With Peace!


  1. Love the post! One of the absolute BEST things I ever realized is that we will NEVER EVER get the "to do" list done. There are always things to do, things to clean, things to read, things to write, and on and on. After realizing this I was able to chill by doing things that are fun - like playing a game with my hubby and daughter. For me, it was all about the guilt of not getting something done that put me in the grumpy mood; once I started doing things in the order of importance and fully realized the truth that not everything was going to get done the guilt went away, I stopped caring that some things didn't get done and the grumpiness went away.

  2. Andrea - that is so true about the guilt! I never thought about the fact that I had let that go as well. Guilt is a such a terrible vibration to hold anyway. I am a lot happier today due to that 45 minute break I took when I really needed it and I was totally able to do it guilt-free.

  3. Great post! I have struggled with that same issue for many years now and I'm finally starting to get it, I think! I've realized that I put my self worth in how much "stuff" I can get accomplished on any given day. I know, I know, so NOT healthy at all! But then I realized that all that "stuff" wasn't that important anyways. I'm like you, I just wish I would've realized it when my kids were babies because I too, remember feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I'm hoping this next time around I remember to stop and smell the roses along the way!

  4. It's funny that you say that the next time around you'll do such and such because I do the same! I say it all the time. I guess it's still a great victory to realize when you're spent even if it's a few years after you'd like.