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Have you ever woken up in the wee hours of the morning going what in the world was that dream all about? Well that was me at 4:30 am this morning. I felt like I was taken on the most incredibly convoluted ride ever. My friend Jacqueline and I are "dream interpreting" buddies. I was so close to calling her at 4:35 am but decided I would let her sleep being the super thoughtful friend that I am.

It got me thinking about how many of you out there are having wild dreams without any way of interpreting them. This blog is going to be more of an informational guide to interpreting dreams. It will not be complete by any stretch of the imagination but it should get you going.

Dreams are a great way for our Spirit Guides to communicate to us and offer us guidance. A dream may be a premonition, an answer to your question/problem or a reflection of what your subconscious is really up to. I've told many a client if you'd like to know the answer to a question then meditate on it 5 minutes before going to bed and within a few days the answer will be revealed to you.

We have a dream about every 90 minutes so depending on how long we sleep for we could have up to 7 dreams a night. The dream we have in the early hours of the morning (5 am) is usually the longest and most significant. I find though that if you are meant to remember a dream you will wake up regardless of what time it is. We tend to forget the majority of our dream about 10 minutes after waking up so having a dream journal next to your bed and recording it right away may be a great idea. Having a journal may reveal to you a trend in your dreams which may be helpful as well.

A great introductory book to dreams is "The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams" by Wilda B. Tanner. I found it very helpful and insightful when I first started tapping into this realm. I would also highly suggest you get a book called "Animal Spirit Guides" by Dr. Steven Farmer. Many times we dream about animals and having a book interpreting their message for you seems to help out a lot. Also, I would highly recommend a book on numbers. I use "Simply Numerology" by Anne Christie as well as "Angel Numbers" by Doreen Virtue. We sometimes see numbers in our dreams so a book helping with that is also helpful.

Dreams may have so many components to them that breaking them down into pieces is a great idea. So if you see yourself being guided by a lion and then see the number 1845 then a way to interpret this dream is to look up what lion means in your animal book and then what the number 1845 represents in your numerology book.

What I found interesting was the thought that every person, thing or animal we see in our dreams is a representation of some aspect of ourselves. So if you see bird and you interpret that as freedom then that may represent your side that cannot be contained. This is a key point in interpreting dreams; it’s how you feel about it. A friend of mine dreamt of caring for a cat instead of a dog. For her cat meant being more selfish because they are more self-sufficient. For me, a cat is sneaky and aloof where dog represents loyalty, unconditional love and best buddies. Think about how you feel about what you’re seeing in your dream as well as your feelings during the dream.

There are some common themes in dreams that most dream interpreters agree on and I'll include those in the following paragraphs:

Finding ourselves in the dark in dreams is an important clue which suggests we don’t have enough information. We may see a train coming off the track when we ourselves are “off course” or “off track”. I used to have a recurring dream where I was driving up a mountain an all of a sudden the mountain turned into a cliff where I was driving upside down on the cliff and was going to fall at any moment. I dreamt this on and off for years and it finally stopped when I quit my job as an Engineer and started doing all of my psychic work. I think the meaning of that dream for me was that if I kept doing something I didn’t enjoy it was going to be like falling off a cliff and possibly dying. The dying would be an emotional death and not necessarily a physical death.

A dream of getting into an accident may mean that you’re driving yourself too hard and you’re not taking the time to contemplate and address issues. It could also be telling you that if you don’t slow down then you will end up in a wreck. Dreams of death could represent a rebirth for you or the death of a phase in your life; the ending of something. Dreams of being chased are a reflection of the dreamer’s feelings of insecurity. The dreamer is running away from something.

The scenery or feeling of a dream is important to look at as well. If you see an ocean with big, crashing waves then that may represent a turbulent time in your life or emotions. Water is a representation of emotion so seeing clear, beautiful water is very different then seeing murky, dark water. If your dreams are fragmented and inconsistent then that may indicate that your emotions are all over the place and you may need to regroup and start fresh. Seeing yourself sedentary in a dream may mean that you are not motivated. Seeing an animal not acting in a characteristic manner is important to look at as well. For example, seeing a squirrel not moving may mean that you are sedentary as well.

In our dreams a building or parts of it could represent us. Some interpretations say that buildings represent the dreamer's body or the thoughts we feel about something. Seeing a basement may represent your deepest thoughts whereas dreaming of an attic represents your higher self. Seeing a factory may represent your thoughts about work, a church may be your religious views and a cottage could be your feelings about family life.

The condition of a building or room is important to look at as well. If the building is new and pristine it may mean that you’re on the right track with something or that your thoughts about it are too sterile. A building that is old and run-down may mean you need an overhaul to your thoughts or that you are tired and worn out from thinking about something. I once dreamt that I was in the basement of the house we’re currently living in but I kept finding hidden rooms that were massive and really nice looking. I took that to mean new ways of thinking were coming my way or that I needed to be more open-minded to ideas.

I know this was a lot of information to look at but it certainly was not entirely comprehensive. I wanted to give you something to get you going and thinking about your dreams and what they may be trying to tell you. They are a fabulous source of information available to you every day and best of all they are free!

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  1. What a wonderful, informative blog my friend.. You can ALWAYS wake me up at 4:30am if you need.. Just remember, I'm calling you too when I have one of the many crazy visits from my spirit guides :-)