Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clutter Be Gone

I attended a fantastic book club last night. It was a group of people who came to discuss Ram Dass' book "Be Here Now". As with any group of thinkers we discussed the book some and then moved into many other thought provoking topics.

The one idea that really stuck with me is when someone said "when you change, then your perception of others also changes". In other words, if I'm happy then I see everyone around me as being happy and vice versa. Wayne Dyer talks about changing the concept of yourself to be able to elevate your life to a higher place. You must change the concept of who you believe you are. Maybe when we’re happier then people who do not carry the “happy” vibration become invisible to us or maybe their unhappiness is what becomes invisible to us.

I truly believe that we attract what is a vibrational match to us which is why I like to always take an inventory of who and what is in my existence. I also believe that there is a constant exchange of energy going on between ourselves and our environment. You know the times that you walk into a room and all of a sudden you feel that there’s a pit in your stomach because the energy is so thick. My favorite is walking in the mall around the holidays when everyone is frantically trying to buy the perfect gift. I can tell you that I don’t last more than 30 minutes in that space without getting a headache.

This morning when I walked into my office I realized there was no way any thoughts coming to me unless my space was cleared. By going through the mail, paying the bills and filing away papers I was able to energetically clear my space. Your closet is a perfect example of where energy may become stagnant. As adults, we don’t tend to fluctuate in weight or shoe sizes much which also allows us to hold on to so many items that we are just waiting for to come back in style because sooner or later they must. I say “donate them” It’s time to de-clutter and move the energy. De-cluttering allows space for something new and better to enter into your life.

We recently took down all the child gates we had up. One afternoon I was walking into the house with our 4 year old, he stood right at the spot where the gate had been taken down and declared “mom I just love this house, it feels so good”. What was interesting about that was that I had the same thought of how much better the house felt without the gates up. It felt more serene than it had in years even though we have 2 rambunctious football-loving boys! The simple act of removing the gates allowed the energy to flow more freely and create a better feeling environment.

The concepts of Feng Shui will talk to us about arranging furniture in a certain way or using colors in certain rooms or clearing areas … etc. to enhance the energy of our space which in turn will affect our life. So if you’re single and would like to be in a relationship then maybe you could clear out a space in your closet or you may start sleeping on one side of the bed only dedicating that space to the partner you’d like to have. We may find that a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen encourages us to cook more or rearranging office furniture inspires us to write and so on.

I would recommend that you take a look at the energy that is part of your life. Everything has energy associated with it. What kinds of shows or movies do you watch? Are the books you are reading serving your highest good and elevating your energy? Are the people you hang out with uplifting and great for your soul? So many times we do the same things over and over either because we don’t know how to get out of the situation we’re in or don’t know how to say no because we don’t want others to feel bad. I would encourage you to start checking with your gut as to how things feel and only allow into your experience that which propels you upward and into that fantastic vibration you’d like to be in.

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Less cluttered!


  1. Completely agree with you!! De-cluttering gets rid of so much stagnant energy whether it's things in your life or people or memories or emotions........lovely blog - thank you!!!

  2. Well said! Things, people, memories, emotions ... they all carry an energy or vibration with them and when you are able to move that energy along, space will be cleared for something better and healthier. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. I could not agree with you more. Small changes make huge difference from the closet to the people we hang around with and everything in-between. It is such a simple, yet powerful way to become more productive, efficient and have more harmony.

  4. Well said Fadi! It is very simple and efficient.

  5. I so agree with this! I typically de-clutter about twice a year. It does wonders for my outlook. I'm currently feeling the urge to donate a bunch of books that represent my old self - who I used to be. But I'm having a hard time letting go of that person because I worked so hard to create her. Does that make sense? Even though I'm realizing that I'm no longer that person, I can't quite let the old me go. Not healthy, I know, but I am working on it. I do know I want to replace those books with new books about spirituality, metaphysical stuff, and writing - so I just need to move out the old energy to make way for the new! Great post - Thanks! :)

  6. Jolibe - I've thought a lot about what you've said in the letting go of that person you've worked so hard to create. What a great way to put it! We all hold on to something because we identify part of ourselves with it. It's not that it's not healthy rather it is the reality of the way we as humans are. While de-cluttering my closet yesterday I got rid of a lot more things than I usually would have because your comment made so much sense to me. I recycled not only what doesn't fit anymore but also what does not represent me anymore as well. Thanks for helping my closet to feel even lighter!