Friday, June 12, 2009

Take Charge!

Have you ever felt like things are spinning out of your control and you are playing a re-active role in your life? If the answer is yes then I say “It’s time to take charge and play a more active role”. Remember this statement “you are the creator of your experience”.

I know sometimes it feels like things are happening to you and are out of your control but you can change the outcome of any situation once you put your mind to it. It is always a choice of how you react to a certain situation. Never play the role of a victim; that will attract more victim experiences into your life.

You’ll hear plenty of stories of people who overcame illnesses, tragedies and other experiences when they stepped into their power and took control of the situation.

Meditations, visualizations, positive thinking and affirmations are some methods of changing the outcome of any experience. Louise Hay author and founder of the publishing company Hay House says that she expects only good to come her way and it does; what an awesome attitude to have!

That’s not to say that life does not happen to us. We are humans after all and sadness is going to be part of our journey; it must. The difference is how we choose to deal with the situation that comes our way. It could be a choice of accepting another’s journey even if that person is your child, spouse, parent or friend. If the situation that comes up is for us then maybe ask yourself: “what is this life experience trying to teach me?” or “how do I make this experience a positive one?”

Life is meant to be up, down and everything in between. We are all going to experience every range of emotion possible; joy, laughter, disappointment, tears, sadness … it’s all part of life and the beauty of it.

It takes a while to realize that you are the creator of your own experiences and that no one else can influence your life unless you allow them to. Also, it doesn’t matter where you were in the past you can start creating the life you want from this moment. It is a choice.

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