Monday, June 15, 2009

Journal Anyone?

“If you write about events in your life that you can't control it helps to make them bearable”.

I thought that was a great line out of a chick flick I watched the other day. As a note, I love chick flicks; give me the romantic, know the ending from the title type of movie and I’m all over it. What can I say I love happy endings and I love them in life as well.

Back to the blog I need to be writing about today. Writing in a journal will bring clarity to any situation you are currently facing. The idea is to just start putting things down on paper and allowing your thoughts to flow. Your goal is to get into automatic writing where you bypass your brain and you write straight from the heart.

You’ll be surprised as to how much insight you will gain by just putting it on paper. The greatest thing about writing in a journal is that it is very meditative; it allows you to connect with your higher self and the source from which we all came.

The debate is whether a computer is just as adequate as pen and paper. My thoughts are although pen and paper is remarkable and truly a great journaling experience if you prefer a computer then journal on your computer. I have a document on my computer called “journal” which I write in all the time but I also have a journal by my bed. I use both all the time.

When connecting to your higher self and your intuition there is no right or wrong. Do what is comfortable to you and just let your thoughts flow. Just like there is no right or wrong way to meditate; all you have to do is give yourself the opportunity to go within and you’ll begin to understand who you are and what makes you happy.

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Happy Writing Everyone!


  1. Mary thank you for sending me a peek at your blog! I absoultley love it and I have to say I find it odd the first thing I read was about journaling. I am going through a very turbulent time right now and journaling has helped me tremendously! It is so much easier to ace the difficulties and I actually slept 2 nights in a row! Love, Lesley

  2. Lesley,
    I'm so glad you've discovered the power of the journal. It truly is amazing. It's an easy, affordable and readily available tool to help you understand what's going on with your emotions.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog!