Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mary Salfi - Spiritual Teacher, Psychic & Medium

I thought I would start with introducing myself to the blogging community. This is my first blog ever and I am looking forward to become a proficient blogger!

I am a spiritual teacher, medium and psychic living in Colorado. I have been intuitive my whole life. As a child, I would know things that I couldn't have possibly known. At the age of 7 or so, I started getting the feeling that my father would pass away. I remember being on the playground making shapes in the sand and I would have this overwhelming sadness take over me and I just knew. I knew it was a matter of time. Well it happened 6 years later. A couple of months before my dad passed away I would hear a voice in my ear telling me that it would happen. That was probably my most vivid experience with intuition.

As a child, I walked around feeling like someone was following me which was really scary. Of course, now I know that those beings were actually my spirit guides keeping an eye on me. I can’t say these were comfortable experiences for me as a child and teenager. At the age of 21, I decided that if I went on like this then I would be labeled weird and no one would want to go out with me. Craving what I thought was a normal life; I decided to shut my intuition off. I stopped reading the books and completely blocked the guidance. I went into engineering school and graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering. I took a job with a telecom company, got married and led the “normal” life I was craving.

My life changed when I turned 29 and my oldest son was born. My intuition came back full force to the point that it was overwhelming. No longer able to deny it or shut it off I started learning more about it. That was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. For the first time in my life, I felt comfortable in my own skin and embraced my intuition.

Now I love giving psychic and medium readings, teaching classes once a month in the evening and a program called Spiritual U. To learn more, please visit my website I’d love to hear from you either as a response to this blog post or via email at

I’m going to be posting different thoughts when they come to me on this blog. Please visit it often and let me know what you think.

Mary Salfi


  1. So excited to see this side of your business!
    Hope everything is going well. I look forward to reading more!!