Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is heaven?

I was contemplating the idea of heaven while driving yesterday. We always think of or imagine heaven to be way up high in the sky. I thought "what if it was right here instead?" What if it wasn't way up there but rather it was right on top of me. I thought what if Earth and Heaven are superimposed and we get to "bump" into heaven every once in a while when we receive a message or catch a glimpse of something from the afterlife.

It would be comforting for me to know that it was right here and I didn't have to do much or "travel" much to reach heaven. I read a book one time explaining that when you die you actually recreate the environment from which you came to make that transition easier. Wouldn't that imply that you're not really going anywhere far?

Then I took it one step further. What if heaven and hell were our own creations? What if heaven is when you were happy and content while hell is being unhappy and miserable? What would you need to do about it then to make sure that you were living a heavenly state while alive? Do you really need to die to achieve bliss?

While in Maui, Wayne Dyer discussed the idea of a quantum moment. A quantum moment is that moment when something major happens in your life and serves to really shift your awareness. After that quantum moment you truly are never the same. This quantum moment carries an energy with it that propels you upward. He talks about there being “falls” in your life and to look for the upward propelling energy after the fall.

A woman in the Wayne Dyer seminar shared her quantum moment. She had been bulimic for 22 years and she realized in one of her states of frenzy that her thoughts were causing her chaotic state. She also recognized that her thoughts had no weight in them other than what she gave them. She realized what Louise Hay says all the time "it's just a thought and a thought can be changed at any time". Since that quantum moment this woman has become healthier than she’s ever been.

I love the idea of a thought being nothing more than what you’d like it to be. To remember that you are the creator of your life and destiny rather than a victim of circumstance is fantastic.

I was having a girl’s night in with a few of my friends last night when one of the ladies asked another “do you see the blessing in that or are you not there yet?” I love that question! Sometimes we have quantum moments that take us a while to realize their value. When we do recognize their effect on our life that shift upwards will happen and in my opinion we are one step closer to heaven.

So if heaven is right here and I can access it at any time then where are my loved ones who have passed away? I feel that they are right here all the time; their existence is superimposed on ours. If you read “Conversations with God” it’ll explain to you that time is not linear. The only thing that exists is now so every life we live is lived simultaneously.

So if our loved ones are right here going about their business and daily life can I talk to them more and receive more messages from them? I say absolutely! I remember one time my brothers were coming to town for my oldest son’s baptism. While I was cleaning the house the song “Butterfly Kisses” started playing on the radio. This is a song that always reminds me of my dad. Was it a coincidence or was he telling me that he was there ready to share in the celebrations of the next few days? I believe he was right there enjoying his family being together.

I feel that we are one step closer to Heaven as the veil between the spirit world and ours gets thinner and thinner. Heaven on Earth can be achieved so why not live it!

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  1. Hi Mary, Great post and contemplation. I know (we all have to determine this for ourselves) that heaven is with us, that there is an energy where all thoughts enter, all spirits enter where form no longer exists but moves in response to thoughts and energy from us.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I love how you phrased it; "that we have to determine that heaven is with us". It really allows us to decide whether we want to live in that heaven or not.

  3. Loved this post, Mary. It puts the responsibility squarely on us, which can be daunting and I know many who would prefer life to happen to them instead. However, it is also incredibly liberating at the same time. This really resonates with me and I believe life/death/heaven/hell are what we choose to make of them. Why not choose outstanding?

  4. Tracy,
    I totally agree with you. Why not choose outstanding! Sometimes it's about making that choice and sticking with it through thick and thin. Thanks for reading and commenting - you certainly make me think and ponder more.