Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just what I needed ...

I got a fantastic note from one of my friends today. She said that she's hooked to this blog, she's been reading it for weeks and that she's inspired by what she reads. I have to say that is exactly why I'm writing today. Sometimes things happen in your life to offer you that little push you need. I needed that little push today; that extra umph to get me on the computer again.

Don't get me wrong this is my passion; anything and everything spiritual. I love doing the readings, I love teaching the classes and I love writing this blog. I just needed to be reminded that my passion for this work was shining through these posts and someone was benefitting from it. You just never know how someone gets inspired.

The question for you is "are you where you want to be in life?" "Are you pursuing your passion and living every day with that complete umph?" When you are doing something that you love it's super easy to get back on track with it. I wrote a post called "Dharma" a few weeks ago and I'm asking the question again "what is your dharma?" "Which passion did you come to earth to fulfill?" We all have it; that burning desire within us to fulfill our dreams and make them the reality of our lives.

I read a fabulous book by Neville called “The Power of Awareness” He basically discusses the Law of Attraction in this book. He talks about figuring out what it is you desire and “assume the feeling of the wish already fulfilled”. He says to take the 5 minutes before drifting off to sleep to consciously dream about what it is you’d like to manifest. See yourself already having achieved it. We’ve all heard this idea before about the Law of Attraction. What was interesting about this book for me is that he gave examples of people who spent 2 years doing this until they achieved that which they desired. It just seems like so many of us give up on our manifestation just before it shows up.

If you are not in the ideal situation right now that doesn’t really mean much. You can still get to where you would like to be by bringing that dream into your consciousness. You need to know what it is you’d like to manifest for the Universe to work with you. Someone asked me today about my business and if I’m keeping busy. I answered that I’m always as busy as I can handle. It seems like the Universe is in total collaboration with how much I can take on. Last year, I hosted an internet talk show called “the Psychic CafĂ©”. The show aired on the 7th Wave Network for 14 weeks. The couple of months before and during the show it seemed like I barely did any readings at all. I only realized that about 3 months later which is when I smiled and thought well I couldn’t handle doing a reading right now anyway. As soon as the show was over I was booking readings like crazy again. I’ve constantly said that we are energy beings and we attract that which is a vibrational match to us at the moment. The key is to align ourselves with that which we want to attract.

My friend gave me the push today that I was asking the Universe to deliver to me. I was asking for inspiration and I got it. Now to do something about it … for starters I am going to post the entire class schedule for 2010 on my website at if you’d like to take a look at what’s coming up. You do not need to be in Denver to take these classes; information on how to attend remotely is found on the website.

So what inspires you? The Universe is constantly delivering signs and messages to you. When you hear them do you do something about it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. You may post a comment below, email me to, or find me on Facebook.

With inspiration!

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