Thursday, February 18, 2016

So Thankful!

My last post was about helping Denver CASA with their back to school essentials drive. As I mentioned before, I love this organization. Giving a voice to children that may have none otherwise is tremendous. The drive brought in such generosity from my friends and family that the whole experience has been humbling. It's not over yet either, the donations are still coming!

Listening to my intuition 

I recently learned a new form of meditation called Transcendental Mediation. So far it has been amazing. My meditations are very deep and relaxing. During one of the recent meditations, I got a feeling to email Hay House to see if they would donate inspirational books appropriate for children under the age of 18. I specifically got the feeling to ask for Dr. Wayne Dyer books being that he was in a foster home himself and maybe that would give these kiddos hope.

I emailed Hay House that afternoon with my request. I didn't get a response at all. I thought it was strange that no one would even send me a note to tell me that they received my email.

Thankful for Hay House

I got a phone call yesterday morning from Denver CASA asking me if I knew anything about the books that they received from Hay House. I all but jumped out of my seat. Hay House had donated 35 Dr. Dyer books as well as 96 journals. I was floored! It was such an amazing donation and so very appreciated!

As I thought more about it, I realized it was the way Wayne Dyer would have liked it. No need for a big fuss telling me they received the email or that they were thinking about it or that they were sending books. Instead the books just showed up 10 days after I sent the email without the need to acknowledge anything.

Wayne Dyer: The Ultimate Inspiration!

Wayne Dyer was such an inspiration to all. I have read many of his books, I have gifted some, I've read them to my children, to my husband, I've listened to his lectures on DVD and so much more. He truly was an amazing human being who just keeps on giving. Even after his death, he keeps on giving.

I don't doubt for a moment that he was the one to give me the message during my meditation. Did I get a little to woowoo for you there? It's OK, as Wayne says, "Expand a little" He used that during his lectures to get the audience to move out of there comfort zone a touch so as to grow. I use that with my family all the time.

I've been inspired all over with receiving this generous donation from Hay House. I ended up sending a couple more emails out last night from various organizations to see if they would donate towards the back to school drive as well. I hope we get backpacks filled with essentials as well as fun things to have!

My wish for every child

I pray that the child who reads any of these books realizes that there's always hope. I pray that they feel safe. I pray they realize someone out there is always thinking about them and working towards their well being and safety. I pray they find stability in their lives. My promise is that I will always try to help in any way I can.

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