Monday, July 26, 2010

Solitude and Silence

My husband and kids went up to the mountains yesterday. I couldn’t go with them because I had scheduled a few things that I couldn’t get out of. I had a reading scheduled for that morning and then I was going to catch up on household items. As they were leaving, I had the idea of spending the next two hours in complete silence. I wasn’t going to talk on the phone, listen to music or watch television. I wanted to see what being in complete silence would do with my mind chatter.

It’s amazing how noisy total silence can be

It was amazing how noisy I felt it was although there wasn’t a peep in the house. My mind was racing; I was thinking of all the things I was going to accomplish after my reading and in the next few days. I was feeling more frazzled which totally defeats the purpose of meditating and going within.

I meditate all the time, so being in silence for 20 minutes is something I am completely used to. What was different this time? I believe my trip to Lebanon was the culprit. I realized that Lebanon is very noisy. My seven year old son said, “Mom does everyone honk their horn every second they are driving?” It is true; people honk their horns all the time while driving. During the day, you’ll always hear noise from construction sites and during the evening hours, there are always fireworks or music or something going on. I had a headache every day while I was there and I'm not one to ever get headaches.

Meeting the Yogi

About 10 days into my Lebanon trip, while driving, I thought to myself that I’ve allowed all this noise and chaos get to me. I thought that I really needed to up my meditation game so that I can achieve that calm regardless of what was going on around me. That same day, I met a tennis pro on the court who turned out to be a yogi as well. He was obviously very intuitive. He wanted to teach me everything he knew in the five minutes we spoke together.

He taught me various energy work techniques geared towards directing that energy within. He told me to rub my hands together and then cover my eyes with the palms of my hands. This will send the energy created by the friction within to nourish my soul. He told me to stand in front of a white wall in silence and allow that wall to break down any unnecessary and unwanted thoughts swirling in my head. I found his ideas very interesting and did apply the palm energy one already. It was such a fantastic feeling that I do it all the time now. I have yet to stand in front of a white wall though.

Working through the noise

While in silence, I remembered how calm the yogi was in Lebanon. I remembered that he didn’t let the chaos and noise get to him. I decided to remain in silence and work through it. It worked. Eventually, after about 40 minutes of being in complete silence, my mind let go. It stopped its chatter and I was able to just be. I felt this intense release. It was amazing. It was no surprise to me that later on that afternoon, I took a three hour nap rather than folding laundry and making dinner.

I'm on a spiritual cleanse

I've decided to try the "solitude and silence" meditation at least once a week. Just like I've had to go on somewhat of a food and drink cleanse after my trip, I am also going on a spiritual cleanse. So far, I'm finding it very releasing and relieving.

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I’ll be facing that wall soon!

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