Thursday, November 12, 2009

Law of Attraction

I just finished reading a book called "The Power of Awareness" by Neville. I must've read the entire book in one day. What a fantastic book! Neville talks about the Law of Attraction in this book although he terms it something else.

Neville discusses the idea of manifesting into your life all that you want "by assuming the feeling of the wish already fulfilled". In other words, when you want something then you act as if it's already in your experience. The Universe without fail responds to your thoughts. This concept is explained perfectly by the following quote from the book "The Vortex" by Jerry and Esther Hicks:

"You live in a Universe that is based upon the Law of Attraction. That means that this is an inclusion-based Universe, not an exclusion-based Universe. In other words, in an inclusion-based, attraction-based Universe, there is simply no such thing as "no". When you look at something wanted and you say "yes" to it, you are including it in your Vibration; and it becomes part of your Vibrational offering, which means it is a part of your point of attraction, which means - it begins to come to you. But when you shout "no" at something, you are including it in your Vibration, also, so it then becomes part of your Vibrational offering, which means it is a part of your point of attraction, which means - it begins to come to you."

Think about that for a moment. Even if you are saying “no” to something you are essentially inviting it into your experience. Isn’t that wild? I’ve heard it said before that the Universe doesn’t understand the word no. If you’re thinking about it in any which way it’s coming to you!

Our thoughts are truly the basis of everything. It is on that subconscious level of thinking that we manifest everything into our life. Outwardly, you may be saying something however what appears in your life is what you truly feel. This constantly brings me back to understanding who you are and what you're about. Once you realize how you would like your life to look like then you can begin to visualize it that way until it becomes a reality. Neville talks about imagining what you'd like to have every night before going to sleep and eventually you will manifest your desires.

If what you’d like to manifest is a house then before going to be every night feel as if you already own the house, see the colors on the wall, visualize the furniture you’ve decorated it with … etc. The key is to keep doing this until your wish has been fulfilled. So many of us will give up on our dreams because we feel it’s been too long and if it was going to work then it would have. Neville gives examples of people doing this exercise for 2 years to then have their dreams manifested.

The teachings of Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks will suggest that we focus on joy. They suggest that we constantly reach for a better feeling of where we’re at. I feel that’s a fantastic way to look at the Law of Attraction. So if I say that I’d like to manifest happiness into my existence that means if a house makes me happy then it will come into my experience with the opposite being true.

So what are you looking to attract into your life?

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With happiness!

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